Bringing a new baby home is one of the most amazing and stressful events in life, it’s a really big deal and as they say, "Babies don’t come with an instruction manual". During your transition into parenthood, having extra support relieves stress, discomfort, isolation and nurtures parents while they gain confidence in their new roles.


"Jade is the baby whisperer. Every mom that has a baby wants a Jade. The fundamental knowledge she shares with new mothers sets you up for success." Kellie M.

"We had a wonderful experience with Jade. It was so nice to have an experienced doula to help me with my newborn. I had to take my toddler for a checkup so I pumped breast-milk into bottles and left my three week old baby with Jade. When we came back home, my newborn was fed, resting peacefully, and the energy in my home felt so happy. Jade is a true pro! I love her!"  Emily G.

"I worked with Jade after the birth of both of my children.  She spent a few weeks with us in our home after our first was born and the support she provided to help me transition into motherhood was so important.  She helped me build my confidence in my nursing and newborn care skills, and I will always remember that she showed me how to trim baby's fingernails!  This second time around I worked with Jade mostly on lactation issues and we had both FaceTime and in-person sessions.  She provided suggestions and solutions for an array of issues and again reassured me that my baby and I would eventually find a more seamless nursing bond, and we have!  Jade was excellent in her follow ups and check in texts and I can't imagine having gotten through the tough first few months without her support." Sara and Mark H.

"After the birth of our second child Jade helped us with breastfeeding issues we were having.  Her support and information was so helpful and encouraging.  Whenever I doubted myself, I would ask Jade for advice.  She also helped our family find ways to sooth our baby who suffered with sever colic for four months after birth.  Her presence at this time in our families life made a big difference.  I highly recommend her services to any new mother and family as everyone in the entire family will benefit from her expertise.  In our house, we lovingly refer to Jade as the 'baby whisperer'.  I needed help when our baby was born as my husband had to return to work immediately so having Jade available for house visits, text messaging and phone calls has made my second transition into motherhood so much easier then I had anticipated.  We continue to use Jade's services even as our baby grows as her intuition and suggestions have become invaluable to our family and new baby." River and Luke S.

"When Jade was at our house she was totally professional and dependable.  She enriched our family by providing information and experiences for us and our daughter to have together and as new parents.  She was peaceful and had a soothing effect on our whole household. Our baby always seemed calmer after she was their.”  M and Z Hall

Parents I've worked with say:

  • They enjoy the peaceful presence and calming energy I bring. 
  • Some of the most helpful things I offer are breastfeeding support and coping strategies for the postpartum transition and guidance on baby's development.
  • Having someone there each day to point out developmental milestones was useful and fun!
  • They were happy that I offered suggestions on ways to enrich their infant's environment and stimulate their senses, making baby's day to day experiences vivid and full.
  • They appreciate my caring, reliable and peaceful approach.