Bringing a new baby home is one of the most amazing and stressful events in life, it’s a really big deal and as they say, "Babies don’t come with an instruction manual". During your transition into parenthood, having extra support relieves stress, discomfort, isolation and nurtures parents while they gain confidence in their new roles.


I initially engaged Jade’s services as a postpartum Doula for my wife who was going in for a scheduled C-Section in Southern California. After the initial phone interview and in-person meeting I noticed that Jade had some unique skills and a style that would make her a valuable support resource during the C-Section hospitalization. Jade’s discreet and nonjudgemental approach made it easier to open up to to her about my concerns and apprehensions surrounding the C-Section. Jade makes it a point to connect with her clients and is sensitive to their personal, religious and cultural preferences.  She was of great support handling extended family during the process. During her pre-delivery briefing session I was glazed over with information overload. There were so many elements and dynamics she was updating me on while my mind was preoccupied on the upcoming C-Section less than 36 hours ahead. However, while in the Operating Theater during my wife’s C-section surrounded by 10 medical professionals and my wife in front of me under sedation, it was Jade’s briefing that allowed me to stay calm and focused. To a non-medical person, the fast moving pace of an Operating Theater and Recovery room is daunting but I was able to stay calm and enjoy the process of my son being delivered via a C-Section in large part by knowing what to expect, thanks to Jade’s briefing. I highly recommend Jade’s services. Along with my wife and family we are deeply grateful that she made a special lifetime event even more meaningful for us.” -Anonymous

“Jade keeps up to date on the latest evidence based practices in childbirth, lactation and postpartum.”  -Jessica Caudill, MS,RN,IBCLC

“It was reassuring to know that Jade was caring for my daughter and her new family when I was unable to be there.” -Mani Akkineni OBGYN, MDFACOG, MPH

“The families on Maui are very lucky to benefit from Jade’s expertise.” -Christina Lordan, Trinity Night Doulas, San Francisco, CA

"We had a wonderful experience with Jade. It was so nice to have an experienced doula to help me with my newborn. I had to take my toddler for a checkup so I pumped breast-milk into bottles and left my three week old baby with Jade. When we came back home, my newborn was fed, resting peacefully, and the energy in my home felt so happy. Jade is a true pro! I love her!" -Emily G.

"I worked with Jade after the birth of both of my children.  She spent a few weeks with us in our home after our first was born and the support she provided to help me transition into motherhood was so important.  She helped me build my confidence in my nursing and newborn care skills, and I will always remember that she showed me how to trim baby's fingernails!  This second time around I worked with Jade mostly on lactation issues and we had both FaceTime and in-person sessions.  She provided suggestions and solutions for an array of issues and again reassured me that my baby and I would eventually find a more seamless nursing bond, and we have!  Jade was excellent in her follow ups and check in texts and I can't imagine having gotten through the tough first few months without her support." -Sara H.

"After the birth of our second child Jade helped us with breastfeeding issues we were having.  Her support and information was so helpful and encouraging.  Whenever I doubted myself, I would ask Jade for advice.  She also helped our family find ways to sooth our baby who suffered with sever colic for four months after birth.  Her presence at this time in our families life made a big difference.  I highly recommend her services to any new mother and family as everyone in the entire family will benefit from her expertise.  In our house, we lovingly refer to Jade as the 'baby whisperer'.  I needed help when our baby was born as my husband had to return to work immediately so having Jade available for house visits, text messaging and phone calls has made my second transition into motherhood so much easier then I had anticipated.  We continue to use Jade's services even as our baby grows as her intuition and suggestions have become invaluable to our family and new baby." -River and Luke S.

"When Jade was at our house she was always professional and highly reliable.  Some of the ways she benefited our household was by providing resources and information for us as new parents and Jade helped to create experiences that enriched our relationship with our daughter.  Her peaceful demeanor had a soothing effect on our whole family. Our baby always seemed calmer after she was there.” -M and Z Hall

“Hiring Doula Jade was likely the best decision I have made since the arrival of my little one.  I was preparing for a natural birth with the assistance of a birth doula when it became apparent that my baby was completely breached.  After several attempts at external version, a C-Section was scheduled.  Given that this was our first baby and I knew I would be recovering from surgery as well as adjusting to life with a new born, I decided to forge a birth doula and began looking into postpartum doula's.  I friend recommended Doula Jade.  Our initial communication was easy and she was kind enough to work with us regarding payments.  She came to the hospital while I was still recovering and helped us pack to go home.  She stayed with us in our home and totally took care of me and the baby during our transitional period.  Even though I had family around, it was so helpful to have a true professional.  She assisted in preparing all of the right foods for me in order to help with breast milk production.  She assisted me with lactation support and helped in teaching me how to read my babies cues.  She taught be how to care for my newborn while also caring for me.  Things were difficult after a C-Section because it hurt every time I picked up my baby.  Jade assisted me with night feedings and took care of the baby while I got some much needed rest.  My baby is now 2 months old and I feel like a super mom and my little one is a breast feeding champion thanks to the love and support of Doula Jade.” -Rebecca Feigelson

“Jade was our postpartum doula after both our first and second baby.  She stayed with us in our home for 1-2 weeks after we came home from the hospital each time.  She is kind and compassionate and seemed to intuitively know what we needed to feel supported and successful in our transition to parenthood.  Whether it was preparing me avocado toast and nourishing soup, holding the baby while I showered, or a giving me a shoulder rub while I was nursing the baby while putting on some soft music, Jade made me feel more calm, confident and capable as a new mother.  Her help with the first bath, clipping babies fingernails, diaper changes, and even with baby-wearing, was invaluable.  I had difficulty with nursing both times around and I don't think I would persevered had it not been for Jade.  She taught me how to use an electric breast pump, how to bottle feed my baby so my nipples could heal, and she showed me tricks for burping the baby.  She also helped me access additional lactation support with my first which ultimately led us to getting a tongue tie diagnosis, which was the first step in finding relief from the extreme pain I was feeling when my firstborn latched.  After the procedure was performed on our daughter by the specialist, Jade helped me to teach my infant how to latch all over again with her newfound tongue mobility.  With my second, again Jade was there by my side as I struggled until my son's tongue tie was corrected.  I was able to exclusively breastfeed both my babies thanks to Jade's support.  Jade has an innate ability to soothe fussy babies, and put parents at ease as they transition to their new roles.  Jade is also great at helping toddlers navigate the transition into being big sisters and brothers, and can provide ideas for fostering a positive and loving relationship between siblings.” -M and S Haller

"Jade is the baby whisperer. Every mom that has a baby wants a Jade. The fundamental knowledge she shares with new mothers sets you up for success." -Kellie M.

“Jade recently worked with my family as we welcomed our second daughter in May 2018 When I first met Jade I felt like I had known her forever. We ended up talking and talking and time went so fast. She is so easy to talk to and she has such a calming presence. My husband, older daughter and I took two recap classes from her, one on baby basics and one on breastfeeding. She made the material so easy to follow and she included my 5 year old with dolls and others fun stuff. Jade is a wealth of knowledge and she just makes you feel good and happy when you are with her.
I really wanted her to come to my birth but having a planned cesarean section it was hard to have her in the OR since they only allow one person and they don’t allow anyone in recovery room. But, Jade came to see us shortly after we got back to our room. She helped with my first breastfeeding. It was so nice to have her there at such a vulnerable time. In my first postpartum days and weeks, Jade came over periodically to check on us and give me pointers on normal baby development and breastfeeding tips. Every time she held my baby, my baby would fall fast asleep in her arms. At 2 months postpartum, I had Jade come check in on us and help me with breastfeeding positions for reflux. It is so nice that she is trained as a birthing doula, a postpartum doula and a Lactation Consultant. She does it all and knows it all!! I wish I could have just moved her into my house for the first 3 months!”
-Amy M.

“My husband first met Jade when I was one day postpartum in a newborn class, and came home with a whole new level of excitement and information to share with me. Feeling like Jade Definitely knew her stuff, I called her and booked a lactation consultation session. From the moment I met her, she exuded knowledge, compassion and grace. She gave me great tips and advice as well as a friendly shoulder to cry my baby blues on to. Jade has always made herself available day or night to answer my questions and give recommendations. I credit Jade for helping me get through nipple damage, a plugged duct and most importantly, giving me the best advice to help my small baby thrive and gain back his birth weight in less than a week’s time. I highly recommend working with Jade.” -Becca Ann

“I was referred to Jade after I ran into issues with breastfeeding my twin boys. It was my first experience with a doula and I didn't know what to expect. Jade goes above and beyond what I ever could have imagined! Not only is she knowledgable on what seems like every topic regarding babies and motherhood, but she also shares her knowledge with a warmth and reassurance that instantly puts you at ease. She answered my texts and calls promptly and supported me through some of the most trying times of my postpartum period, including when both boys were cluster-feeding and I was running on fumes.  I am so incredibly thankful for the help Jade provided me and my babies and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of postpartum support.” -Jaime P.

“Jade is an amazing doula who made the whole experience of pregnancy and childbirth much easier for us to welcome our first child, Wally into the world. Jade supported Josephine throughout her pregnancy, checked in with us often, helped us make a birth plan based on our preferences, and was an immense resource for navigating the journey. She came over as soon as the labor started, which ended up taking 36 hours. Jade was there for every minute of it, helping Josephine feel more comfortable and find the best position. It was a relief to have her experience and compassion on our side. The day after Wally was born, he came down with bacterial meningitis and had to be flown to Kapiolani NICU on Oahu with Alex for 3 weeks of treatment. At the same time, Josephine had some complications that kept her admitted for another week. Jade went above and beyond when we faced these challenges, taking time out of her busy schedule to support Josephine through her recovery until she was well enough to fly over and be with her baby. Wally is perfectly healthy now, and we can't be more grateful to have had Jade in our corner through it all. THANK YOU JADE!!!” -Alex and Josephine Bishop

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